Birthday dinner

cropped Fluevog
Trying on boots before dinner.

Boxwood is one of my favourite restaurants. I’ve had dozens of meals there, and it’s been one of my favourite places to go alone or with company. Last night I went for dinner with my whole pod (at this point I realize that I don’t have pseudonyms for my people and I have no idea how to refer to them!).

My pod is all my current partners (though I would also include their current partners and some family in my pod as well).

(In addition to the name issues, describing my pod means really thinking about how to define each relationship, and that’s a bit more heart-and-mind work than I have the energy for in this blog post.)

So let’s just say – five of us went for dinner at Boxwood and it was amazing.

I had all the bread to start with – their house-made bread with molasses butter, and an open-faced sandwich of ricotta, fresh garden peas, snap peas, and pea shoots. A sparkling rhubarb drink. A peachy Pimms cup. A lot of laughing.

Then the turmeric-rubbed pork shoulder, with creamy white beans, portobello, and kale.

Bites from everyone’s plate – smoked steelhead trout tartine, salmon tartare, maple-glazed ham, ridiculously good roasted potatoes.

Then dessert – blackberry cheesecake, too rich, too goaty a chevre, so two bites and done.

Then wandering around catching Pokémon and more laughing and hugs goodbye and then home.

It was good.

Last night was Boxwood’s last night, and now they are closed.

This year is full of endings and beginnings.

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