New Year’s Tarot Challenge

A friend is doing a daily tarot draw for the next 21 days, and I’m taking inspiration from him. Doing tarot more intentionally, mindfully, and regularly is one of the things I included as a hoped-for practice in my 2017 Quest for Wholeness: Embracing my Inner Social Justice Druid Bard. (Listen… if I’m gonna be the rockstar self-care and narrative coach that I know I can be, I gotta just throw myself fully into this narrative thing. 2017 is going to be epic, as my bestie, Jiminy Stealth Cricket, noted earlier today. High fantasy metaphor epic!)

But it’s so easy to set intentions and it’s so hard to follow through with actions. Today was a trainwreck. The kids and the adults in the house are all pretty heavily burned out from the holidays and there was much whining, and wailing, and weeping. Mostly whining. Do you know what’s not particularly conducive to a tarot spread and really connecting with your inner self? Toddler whining. Wailing. Weeping.

So the day is ending and I have spent it chasing children and desperately trying to get work done in the snatches of time I can find, and I sort of wanted to say “fuck it” to the tarot thing but I didn’t.

I lit a little candle, and put down a couple of my favourite stones, and shuffled my cards.

I pulled the Knight of Cups as an answer to “What is the theme of my journey in 2017?”


I love it.

Moving forward with passion, wholeheartedness, courage, and intuition. Letting my emotional self and my heart guide me.

And the image in this card resonates so much for me. The logo I’m working on for my coaching business is a curling wave, and the idea of “navigating your story” is one that keeps coming up in my brainstorming sessions. The unicorn is so lovely, strong, hopeful. The cup is glowing, full of promise and potential.

It may not be an easy journey – given my fear of water, I doubt it will be. But it was never going to be. But it’s a good journey. This card feels good. It feels right. It’s a reminder that all these deep feels I’m swimming in lately are productive and promising.

Knight of Cups. (I also think that this card has a pretty sweet “Social Justice Druid Bard” feel.)


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