5 card spread

Endurance was a gift – stuck to the table after I shuffled. I wondered about putting it back into the deck before I drew, but it felt like a strong and encouraging card for the day, so I kept it. A foundation of endurance to keep me going.

Then I did a four card spread – a card for the day, commentary on it, and something to focus on to the right, and be careful of to the left.

So, the day: Three of Stones – Creativity. The words seem hopeful but the image gives me pause. The green woman seems stuck, trapped, strained. Sometimes I feel that way about all my projects. There’s so much, and I love it, I gain so much from it, but I also sometimes feel like the amount of energy flowing is going to rip me to shreds, and I just want to be able to rest.

The commentary: Three of Vessels – Joy. When I look at this card, I notice that each of the vessels is different – it’s okay to have so many varied interests and projects. But support is also necessary. I can channel this creative energy but I can’t do it without help and Community.

Something to focus on: Ten of Arrows – Instruction. Learning. Being taught. This is the card that came up Monday when my Masters program started, so I think that allowing myself to spend time being taught will be helpful and will increase my ability to feel creative flow and be joyfully supported in that.

Something to be careful of: Six of Vessels – Reunion. Old patterns and ways of being, remembered and habitual actions. Be careful of continuing to do what I have always done when it comes to my creative projects.

Which, of course, leads into today’s meditation on Balance, which has historically not been part of my creative process. So learning how to do that – how to have community, how to be supported, how to find instruction when it comes to balance.

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Gloom Fairy

I'm a genderqueer, queer, poly, kinky, sex-positive, sex-radical feminist and activist and student.

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