Ace of Vessels: The Waters of Life

Today’s card is the Ace of Vessels – The Waters of Life.

In the guidebook, there’s a reference to the ‘moonlit pool holding all memory’ and I had a very meaningful experience yesterday of being reminded that I do have the memories that I need.

That felt like a nice resonance.

Today is going to be a rough day – it’s the busiest day in this week when it comes to counselling clients and work obligations. I’m going to hold this card as a reminder to stay hydrated and nourished, and to make some space at the end of the day for my emotional wellness. I was thinking maybe a bath or something else symbolic.

Today’s Balance meditation is pretty basic. I am just going to keep breathing, and try to keep my emotions in balance despite how tired I am.

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Gloom Fairy

I'm a genderqueer, queer, poly, kinky, sex-positive, sex-radical feminist and activist and student.

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